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The Caregiver Community Action Network

NFCA reaches out to family caregivers at the state and local levels across the country with an extraordinary group of committed individuals who volunteer their time to serve as state representatives for NFCA so that NFCA can bring its messages, education, and support closer to you, our constituents. The Caregiver Community Action Network, referred to familiarly as CCAN (Sea Can), is comprised of current or former family caregivers so you can be assured they understand as only a caregiver can, what you are experiencing. In addition to their caregiving experience many of them work in caregiving-related agencies and businesses. All CCANers believe in NFCA's mission and strive to improve the lives of family caregivers in their communities.

Although each CCANer brings his/her own capabilities to the efforts, they all are available to help you find information and support, and can educate you about issues affecting family caregivers that you may not even be aware of yet.

The name CCAN was picked for a reason – Caregiver because this program is designed for you; Community because CCANers come from all parts of the country; Action because CCANers are committed to helping family caregivers and to bringing about necessary change to make America a more caregiver-friendly country, and Network because CCANers are themselves a network of support for each other and can help you connect to a supportive network of your own.

Linda Jones is CCAN's volunteer Director. To meet Linda and learn about she sees the role of CCANers, read her interview.

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